A meeting of 2015/03/4


Theme : SPRING

Our meeting tonight was held with so many guests tonight. 

The room was full, and we also welcomed many TMs from other clubs!

Great speakers: Armando, Paul, Ryosuke.

We also had a small workshop about mentoring.

After meeting party was at our favorite English pub, with beer plus chips!

Thanks for the magical meeting :-)

A meeting of 2015/02/18

Theme : LOVE

Our meeting tonight was held in love. 

A great meeting with many guests.

The picture and the video tells you all!

Thanks guys!!!!!

Scenes from Dec 3rd, 2014

Nov 5th, 2014 - Joint Meeting with Pioneer Toastmasters Club!!!

Our friends from Pioneer TMC came to our place and had a joint meeting together! It was a dream come true and we were dreaming to have one with them from last term and finally!

Big thanks to Pioneer friends for a fun night and we'd love to have a joint again soon!!!

*Best Evaluator : TM M.S. from Shibuya

*Best Table Topics Speakers Pair : TM E.K. from Pioneer and TM M.K. from Shibuya

*Best Speaker : TM D.G. from Shibuya

Oct 1st, 2014 - A Night of Horror Films

The Best Table Topic Speaker: a guest,

The Best Evaluator: Mr. S,

The Best Speaker: Mr. M


Sharing some pics from the night :)

Woo, looks like pumpkins are haunting :P




Aug 20th & Sept 3rd, 2014

It seems that summer is almost over now and we are having cooler weather these days. I like days when temperature gets less than 30 degrees or 86 degrees. However, I guess it's too early! I need more summer days!!!

Anyhow, even we have less heat, our Shibuya TMC is full of energy so be prepared :)

Since our club's common language is English, we rarely have speakers in Japanese but we had one Japanese prepared speaker & the evaluator on Sept 3rd when we had a humorous festival! Our table topics or impromptu short speeches were also related to humor and everybody had a lot of fun and certainly they laughed a lot!

Our next meeting is on Sept 17th so if you need laughs, please visit us :)




P.S. I'll upload some pics from both meetings later.



Aug 6th, 2014

This day was the first meeting after we changed our time schedule! Most members came on time and we had 5 guests! One of them was our area 21 governor!!!

Well, I (VPPR) came a little bit late and found that he was taking a timer role :) I really thank for him to accept our vacant role without any notice. 

At the end of the meeting, Ms. D and Mr. T decided to become members of our club - WELCOME to our club!!!

We also bumped into members of Utage Toastmasters club who was having a meeting at the same building on our way to nijikai. 

The award winners were Mr. P for the best table topic speaker and evaluator and Mr. D for the best prepared speaker!!!

Our next meeting is coming on Aug 20th from 19:00 at Shibuya Kinro Fukushi Kaikan.

The meeting theme is "Hawaii!!"




July 28th, 2014 - Important Notice

Hope you had a nice weekend! 

We have some important announcement on coming meetings. 

From August, our meetings will start from 7:00 pm

This means that our coming meeting of Aug 6th will start 15 minutes earlier than the previous schedule. 

After joining Division B officers training, we had our first EC meeting and decided to make some changes in our meetings. 

Changes are as below; 

1. Meeting starting time will be from 7:00 pm from August onwards. 

2. 4 speech slots instead of current 3.

3. 4 evaluation slots instead of current 3.


If you are interested in our meeting, please contact us from inquiry tab and our VPM will kindly guide you :) 



July 16th, 2014

We had another wonderful meeting on this day. 

We had guests and had wonderful prepared speeches! 

Our TMOE was Masahiro who worked so hard to prepare the meeting. Also, the amazing thing was that a new member Akiyo took a role of Table topic master :) 

It's always nice to see new members challenge to take new roles :) 



The best prepared speaker - Cedric

The best table topic speaker - Dominique

The best evaluator - Paul




Some information to share with members, and also non-members if you are interested!

****Info derived from Toastmasters International*****

Coming Soon: Improved Website

The Toastmasters website is being redesigned, and the new version will soon be ready to launch. Stay tuned for updates.

Time Is Running Out to Register for the Annual Convention

The International Convention, the most anticipated Toastmasters event of the year, will be held August 20-23, 2014, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Don't miss this truly global event filled with seminars, speech contests and celebrations with members from all over the world. A limited number of discounted hotel rooms remain available, so book your room today.


For convention updates, follow us on Instagram@toastmastersinternational, on Twitter @toastmasters, like our Facebook Fan Page, and join the Facebook members-only group. Don't forget to use the hashtag #TIConv14.

Don't Miss the Convention's Golden Gavel Award Presentation

Toastmasters International has named Dato' Rohana Binti Tan Sri Datuk Haji Rozhan the recipient of the prestigious 2014 Golden Gavel award. Dato' Rohana is chief executive officer of Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad, a media entertainment group. She has led the company to become one of Southeast Asia's leading producers of local and international media programming. To hear her speak at the popular Golden Gavel Award event on Friday, August 22, register for the International Convention.

Congratulations to New Districts

Five Toastmasters districts have grown so large that on July 1 they reformed into two districts each. We welcome District 96 in British Columbia, Canada; District 95 in Continental Europe; District 91 in the United Kingdom and Ireland; District 92 in India and Sri Lanka; and Provisional District 97 in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. They reformed from Districts 21, 59, 71, 82 and 80, respectively. See the updated district maps.

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July 2nd, 2014



June 18th, 2014


It was the last meeting of 2013 -2014 toastmasters term and it was also the time to let one of our big supporters with a huge smile go to pursue his new adventures.

But did you think that our meeting ended very sadly with tears?? 

Certainly not!!! Instead, we had a fabulous fun meeting with a lot of laughs!!! 

We had a wonderful new division B governor as a guest and he volunteered to take an open role - yes, our club asks even guests to take some roles if they can and want to - hehe. 

Also, one of experienced Toastmasters brought more guests from a new club he was about to set up. 

Our last meeting in 2013 - 2014 officer term ended very successfully and we are now looking forward to open a new page (= 2014 - 2015 term)!!! 

Shibuya rocks and our club keeps rocking!!!

June 4th, 2014

We had a wonderful and fun meeting back in Sasazuka on June 4th. We had amazing 5 guests and the two of them won the best table speaker awards! 

Our TMoE did a great job on managing the time and certainly made our meeting even better!

The most amazing thing was that two of the guests said that they want to join our club - woohoo! 


The best table topic speaker: Guests

The best evaluator: Prasad

The best prepared speaker: Cedric


Hope you are having a nice week!


A video of May 21st meeting




What did we expect to see in Saitama today?!

I will tell you.

We expected to see a champion in public speaking! 

A person who can inspire the audience, and those audiences will expand worldwide.


In Saitama today, we had a Spring Conference 2014 with Speech Contest.


All the speeches were spectacular.

But one particular speaker stood out. He armed himself with talented theatrical performace, a story with full of wits, personal experiences which could inspire us all, and a damn strong message.

Congratulations, Drian Von Golden!!!!!!!!

Shibuya Toastmasters Club is super proud of you.

We've had Drian as our beloved Shibuya TMC supporter for a while. 

And his support went from performance tips to IT support.

Yes, he is multi talented!


He will be competing in Malaysia in August with powerful speakers from all over the world.


Will he win again?

We believe so.

In our heart, he is always a winner.

Go Go Go, Drian!!!!!!!!!


A video of May 7th meeting!




Our meeting last night was cozy but fun!

We welcomed 3 guests; Chihiro, Yoko, and Kenshi. I believe they had a good time too :-)


We had 2 speakers;


Taku spoke about his experience in his past job and how he didn't get an achievement his team was working hard for, but he shared with us a great lesson he got out of this experience.


Ken gave a presentation about 'Sushi'. From terminology to how-to behave in order to enjoy Sushi.


Table Topics possibly pushed everybody's soft button. Many talked about family and it was quite touching. ''What is your most important thing in your life?" hmmmmm, let me see....... could it be ''the most important person?", or "the most important day", or "the most important event"????? We could ask ourselves, and what comes out could surprise yourself maybe!!!!!


Evaluation session was super. Toshie gave it her first evaluation a go, and she rocked! We are very impressed with this new comer....

Another came from Naoki, with his experienced evaluation manner and his multi tasks, thought he couldn't win the award, but he sure won our hearts already. Nobody had guts to tell him off when he forgot to be a 'Timer' twice! Naoki, we love you so much, please bring us a homemade cake next time!!!!!


Lastly, it was a cool surprise, our guest, Yoko turned out to be the president's mum! Yoko came all the way from Toyota Friendship Toastmasters Club to see how Shibuya TMC is so HOT. Her impression was; "Are you guys all drunk?"

Haha, well, maybe!



7th of May was a meeting with election of new Shibuya tmc team.

We've selected amazing people for the new Shibuya tmc's office. The meeting recived some wonderful guests too!

Thank you, Paul, Hajime, Yosuke, Kazu, and Hiroko.

A great news surprised us as Paul expressed his will to join us as a new member!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!


We had 2 speakers:


Cedric who spoke his experience in Japan and showed us a map of different cultures from various countries. We all need a map to walk in a strange place, and that goes the same as to living in a strange culture. 

I do wonder too sometimes when I see all those buttons you can press in the toilet cubicle. What are they for???


Paul, he spoke about confident poses. He showed us how we can arm ourselves physically in order for us to feel confident. He closed his speech by telling us that what we arm ourselves isn't a real confidence, but what we build in us internally is the real confidence. And being a Toastmaster is one of the ways!


There was a workshop given by Drian. He made the session very entertaining, like live TV show. He was the host needless to say. Paul and I acted as panal speakers, one says yes to the idea of using phone in the train, and another opposes.

His purpose of this workshop was that he stayed nutural and  control the situation where there are many different opinions coming from the panel and audiences, then bring it to the positive outcome. 


One more month till this term ends, and the new team begins!



A tribute to Anna, who inspired us with a big smile!



Loved it, loved it, loved it.


Last night's TMOE absolutely made the meeting unique and cool!

Cedric made the agenda looking like a 5 star restaurant's menu.

We enjoyed the dinner with 3 prepared speeches, evaluations, and 4 table topic speeches.



The winner of Main Dishes(prepared speech) was Cedric, who spoke about jazz with his extended knowledge in music, then he made an excellent transition by connecting Jazz with delivering a speech! Way to go.


The winner of Second Serving(Table Topic) went to Miki, who never miss her second serving. The question was ''Would you blow your nose in public?''.... what the.....

Anyway, in order to answer to the interesting question, she suggested that we all need to express ourselves more in public, let alone blowing nose in public. Do it!


Hey! You can't leave the house without having Fromages!

The best evaluator, Drian, gave us an exquisite appraisal of Cedric's speech. We certainly enjoyed the wine & cheese with your slick evaluation, Drian!!!!


What an attractive meeting.

Maybe that's why 3 more people were lured to join us!

Welcome to Shibuya Toastmasters Club, Yasu, Tomo, and Hiroe!




Our last meeting on Mar 5th was something else!

We had 3 governers as guests!!!!!!

They kindly took some roles, and wow, the evaluation session was intense. High standard......


The winner of prepared speech went to Cedric, who entertained us with his flu experience. The story was so witty with his funny cultural observation! Well done, Cedric.


The winner of evaluation went to Paul Malone, who gave us useful points on how we should be aware of our body movements and use it effectively during the speech.


The winner of table topic went to Matthew Ownby, who showed off his 'Heat Tech' shirt, and shared his positive insight over Japanese weather. Good for you!


We kept our spirit over to our after-meeting-party for more fun!

Amazing guests, thank you!

Yasu, Anna, we look forward to seeing you real soon again :-)







It has taken me so long to update this, thanks to my slow internet connection for the last few days.

I feel that finding a real good, reasonable, reliable internet connection in Japan is a serious quest....


Anyway, the video is from our joint meeting with our friend, Shinjuku bilingual Toastmasters Club!


It was worth putting time and energy for this special event, well paid off.


Our best speaker was LEO who newly joined the Shibuya Toastmasters Club, and has been extreamly enthusiastic in giving speech!!!!!


The best evaluator was our beloved Shibuya Toastmasters Club's supporter, Prasad.

His evaluation was full of 'LOVE ', yet he gave us inspirational message; practice makes the speech strong!


The best questioner was NAOKI, who demonstrated what  a good question is; simple and clear.


What an amazing night it was, and our TMOE (MASAHIRO ) did an outstanding job for this.


Thank you so much, Shinjuku bilingual Toastmasters Club for coming to collaborate with us and sharing a joyful time with us.





Snow, snow, snow.....

The coldest winter ever!


When I first came to Tokyo, it was in winter time too, and I was shocked how Tokyo's winter was actually colder to one in my home town in Aichi!


Anyway, it's soon Valentine's Day so if you need some warmth, why don't you give your partner a hot chocolate! He or she will give you a big hug in return!?

I will make myself a cup of Earl Grey :-)


Although Shibuya Toastmasters Club is perfectly fun, I felt that something was missing.

Then I discovered what.

We didn't have these two people; Toshie & Leo!!!!!


We welcomed 2 amazing new members on the 2nd meeting of 2014! YEAH!!!!!!!





The first meeting of 2014 is going to be unforgettable.


We received 5 amazing guests, in which one of them articulated his will to join us officially, and they are all very keen to be part of us!


We kicked off with a great start, very positive energy, and lots of smile ;-)


It's great to experience the atomosphere let alone the fantastic speeches!


Nothing to stop us, 2014 here we come...



♡Happy New Year 2014♡



I hope you've welcomed a brand new year with a fresh start!

Let's make it happen.

Wishing you all the best...


Fllowed by the previous year, Shibuya Toastmasters Club is charged full with energy!


Let's Rock guys.

With Love




2013, in which Shibuya Toastmasters Club had a breakthrough, such as changing its name, meeting schedule, meeting venue. All the changes were for the best and we made it happen!


Thank you all who gave us great support and encouragement.

Thank you members!

Thank you supporters!

Thank you guests!


Thank you, Shibuya Toastmasters Club!





''Why do we practice 'Public Speaking'?

What do we want to achieve?

Who do we strive to become?

How do we start?



We get together every 1st and 3rd Wednesday nights to discover answers to these questions.




Sigh....,more questions.....?


Because it's FUN!

Come to Shibuya Toastmasters Club to find out more.



For those of you who missed the fun, I've made a wee film from the last meeting.

For a longer version, you've got to come to Shibuya Toastmasters Club in person!


Ciao ;-)




Hey, what's up? How are you?


Shibuya Toastmasters Club last night was dangerously HOT!!!!

The picture speaks itself.


We had a speaker: Ken, who courageously gave his new speech from the project; Touching Story. 

Isn't this project hard?! 


We had 2 ladies from Nihonbashi Century TMC!

Chihiro & Eriko, thank you for joining us!!!!!


Our big feature for the night was Drian's workshop.

I know some other clubs are also receiving benefit from his generocity and we were not exception!

It's always fun to try something new and learn from experts.


The theme for the meeting was HOT, and we did share a very exciting meeting together!!!!!

Thanks to you all ;-)




Wanna watch speeches from our Toastmasters?

They're on Youtube!!!!!

*I've got permission from the speakers for the publication*



11/7 (Blog & Minutes of meeting Nov 6th)


Shibuya Toastmasters Club has been so active!

We have meetings everywhere in Shibuya!!!

This time we had a meeting in Omotesando, cool ;-)



A special guest: Roma Koulikov from USA, the president of ecovoice TMC in Oregon.


Roma shared with us his inspiring speech. His topic had a specific purpose which was to point out the error of 'Fractional reserve banking system' and he successfully entertained & inspired us by promoting 'Full reserve banking system'.

What a brilliant president you have, Portland!


The 2nd speaker was Naoki, our beloved supporter.

His speech was about his teenage daughter who is experiencing a point where we all girls go through; 

'Not speaking to Dad'

But he found his solution to this and it left me with warmth.

What a brilliant dad. 


Our 3rd speaker was Drian.

He was coming out of cold he's been having, but he delivered a winner speech.

It's amazing how much emotion and inspiration he can put into mere 5-7 mins. He inspired us by telling 2 persons; Sylvester stallone and Reiko(his co-TM). A funny match? Well, actually there was a strong tie between the two to materialize his main message. Motivated all!


Table Topic master: Miki

Q1. Suggestion on how we can enjoy this cold winter?

A1: By Masahiro(guest); having warm food in the warm environment, with warm hearted friends and family. WELL SAID. Congatts, the winner of Table Topics!!!


Q2. Could you tell us about your best friend?

A2: Ayuko(our birthday girl!); her mum is her best friend.

Heart warming stories, one after another. I feel home sick now!


Q3. How do you console your best friend who just had heart-break?

A3: Roma(special guest); Let's go to a bar and meet more women!!!! LOL  Well, I guess it's possible and a kind advice.

At least your friend would be encouraged knowing your friend will buy you drinks!


Guests: Shinichiro, Masahiro, Roma, Mio


Thank you all the people with warm heart who made the meeting splendid! And guests, thank you all for joining us and we'll look forward to your next visit!!!!!




We've welcomed a new talent to the club!

His name is Cedric from France.

He's been newly introduced to TM, and he's a super fast learner!!!!! COOL, really cool :-)


We love you already, Cedric!





Happy Halloween!!!!!


Shibuya pirates were so wild last night!

Nobody has to walk the plank, but we all shivered with excitement!


We welcomed 5 guests.

One of them came all the way from HK, she is the district PR.

Cecilia Luk.


We had 3 speakers; Taku, Cedric, Miki.

3 Table Topic speeches.


Amazing meeting went on throughout the night after we moved  to HUB in Yoyogi.

We discussed the meeting and some memorable speeches.

Taku scared us well with his humourous speech, in which I almost felt like running to cover his month!!!! 


Another sucessful meeting with amazing people :-)

Thank you all!

Yes, We Are Number One!



I visited Tokyo Bilingual TMC last night. Their meeting is held in Jiyugaoka. A very posh area!

I usually do not use train, I ride bike. But this time I had to take train to go to Shibuya, change and head to Jiyugaoka because I finish work at 6:30.


Now, you often get surprised when you enter the TMC room, it looks so different from the picture you saw on their website. 

Just like when you blind-date, your imagination wins the reality. True?

It was my first impression when I opened the door, I saw only scattered of 3 to 4 people in a big room with a TMOE quietly speaking at the front.


But gradually, some more people arrived, and the meeting was carried on as it was planned, right on time.

They have Japanese/English session with a prapared speaker  each. 


There was Table-Topic also, and the master appointed me too!

The question was : By using your imagination, tell us your story which relates to the year engraved in a coin. (She has several Japanese change and lets us take one)

It was so funny that at first we all needed to convert the Japanese year to A.D. which took time to calculate!


If they have more members, the club will be much more exciting. But what they already have are really high standard.

There's one member who established the club 20 years ago, and he was there at the meeting last night! Cool!!!!


Go and see Tokyo Bilingual TMC!!!!!!!!



155th Shibuya Toastmasters Club's meeting was held in triumph last night!


We welcomed 3 new supporters; Drian, Taku, and Prasad!

Thank you!!!!

Together with you, Shibuya Toastmasters Club will be invincible and No One Can Stop Us!


We had honourable guests; Koji(will be our new member!), Cedric(who's looking for a fun club in Tokyo, which is us!)


We had a speech marathon with 4 speakers and evaluators.

Drian gave us 'Asserting Yourself Efectively' workshop which we learned a lot from.


We moved our venue to waigaya for our after-the-meeting session for more fun!


Thank you all the greatest people of Shibuya Toastmasters Club for creating another meeting with success, and the guests who always let us enjoy the time and share the wonderful moment together...... :-) Cheers!







Shibuya Toastmasters Club is inviting you......


To our next AMAZING(really) meeting!


Sep 18th Wed




Sasazuka Kuminkaikan











TM Taku Takeishi gave me a permission to make his video public so here it is....






154th Meeting was held in an inspiring atomosphere!

We had a session for Tall-Tale speech practice.

Our honorable guest: TM Prasad from Sakura/Tokyo TMC gave an exciting Tall-Tale speech!





------WELCOME GUESTS------





REG MEETING with a Tall-Tale in-house-contest










It's still HOT HOT HOT, isn't it!!!!!!!!


But our last meeting (153rd) was burning!


We welcomed a new sparkling member; Kyuichiro Ishihara, to Shibuya Toastmasters Club.

And our 1st supporter; Naoki Nakao!!!!!!


Our honorable guests were Drian Van Golden and Taku Takeishi. Thanks for coming!!!!!!!


Our Table Topic session was like practicing 'How To Become A Good Liar', and of course it was for the Tall-Tale contest.

Thanks to our topic master; Kauzo Sato, for the amazing questions!


It was time for us to move to a near by restaurant; Waigaya.

The after-meeting session is always fun :-)

It went on till some had to run for the last train........


Thank you for making Shibuya Toastmasters Club so alive and cool!!!!!!!!!!




Next meeting is approaching!!!!!


AUG 28TH @Sasazuka Kuminkaikan



Might be an after-meeting-chat at a near by restaurant?!



Guests are welcome!



Our Shibuya Toastmasters Club has a VPE who used to own a Banana plantation in Phillipine and Guatemala!

He went to the states university in his 60s.

He sure has lots of interesting topics to share with us!

Congratts, Mr. Muko!!!!



Our Regular Meeting of Shibuya Toastmasters Club!


It was a fantastic meeting we had on 14th of Aug.

We had 2 amazing guests with us and 3 prepared speeches!

1st sp: Muko-san did a bit of experimenting toward Tall-Tale, and his speech was full of surprise!


2nd sp: Sakamoto-san gave a very personal speech, which almost brought tears in my eyes....., a guest spoke as ''It was as if watching a good movie.....'' 


3rd sp: Suzuki-san(me!) talked about her trip in which she recieved the invaluable message. 



Happy Shibuya Toastmasters Club ;-)



The Speech Contest in Fall 2013!


Sep 21st Japanese

Sep 22nd English



So what is Tall-Tale speech?



this might help you....


Or there're several videos uploaded on Youtube too!



Officers Training was a lot of fun!





Our meetings schedule for August:


1st Meeting-Aug 14th

2nd Meeting-Aug 28th

@Sasazuka Kuminkaikan


We have 15 minutes of business talk at the beginning, so 

come in after 19:00 and no hurry!

We welcome you ;-)



It's very important to hold a meeting like this!



New flier is out!


Look At Me!

2013. 7/20


We, Shibuya Toastmasters Club has just been reborn! Yes, we have a new name, a new website, new schedule, new faces(hopefully!)..... What a fresh start!!!!!!!!!



Our last meeting was held on 10th Jul.

We, members, discussed the future of the club. In order to make this club powerful, some changes are needed.

Revolutionary changes..........

All the members are very positive about the transformation.

We only need to DO IT!

But first of all, as a president, my job is to provide a place for everyone to have a great time. 

Each one might have different purposes to join a club, but hey, why do we gather around on Wednesday evenings for????? I work hard during the day already. 

Let's have fun :-)



Meeting Info